Interdenominational Ministerial Alliance of Jersey City & Vicinity
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Rev. Donavon W. Shoemaker, 1 st  Vice-President Email:
Rev. Dorothy  A. Patterson, 2nd Vice-President Email:
Rev. Thomas Murphy, Secretary
Rev. Caroline Nelson, Treasurer Email:
Rev. Johnny Spry, Chaplain
Officers & Committee Chairpersons
Rev. Nathaniel Legay, President Email:
Officers for 2018-2020 will be: Rev. Dr. Rudolph Daniels, Sr., President, Rev. Shyrone Richardson, 1st Vice-President; Rev. Daniel Cooper, 2nd Vice-President, Rev. Caroline Nelson, Treasurer Rev. Johnny Spry, Chaplain; Rev. William Statham, Sr., Parliamentarian Please Pray for the newly elected leadership